About Us

The inspiremymeal team’s aim is to help you to use up the ingredients that you already have in your cupboard, fridge and freezer… or fresh produce that is ready from the garden. Our advanced search engine will assist you in using up as many existing ingredients as possible; helping you make a meal of it.

Our website allows you to search for specific dish types, such as breakfasts, starters, mains, desserts, snacks and sides. In addition, you may search on specific styles of food; from popular world cuisines (e.g. French, Mexican or Italian) as well as specific dietary requirements and cooking methods.

Frequent use of our website to inspire your meals will help you to:

  • Avoid unnecessary food waste
  • Reduce household food expenditure
  • Make better use of reduced price food offers
  • Use up ingredients approaching their use by date
  • Make use of leftovers from previous meals
  • Create focused shopping lists; targeting at completing the dish
  • Enjoy the great range of dishes carefully selected for you by the inspiremymeal team