Pancake Day? It's About Making A Meal Of What You've Already Got!

February 17, 2017

The whole ethos behind Pancake Day is actually very closely aligned to that of our website - it's all about making a meal of what you've already got!  Our website is all about helping you to use up those leftovers, clear out the cupboards and to avoid unnecessary trips to the shops.  The result?  Less food wastage, lower food bills and greater meal-time inspiration.

To get you started, here's a link to our quick and easy pancake recipe:

So... don't cop-out and waste your money on a pancake pre-mix.  Raid the fridge, cupboard and fruit bowl and let inspiremymeal help you make a meal of it!

Just planning pancakes for dessert?  Why not take a look in the fridge, cupboard and freezer for ingredients to use up, making use our powerful search engine to inspire your main course as well.  In fact, how about a pancake double-header?  If you happen to have leftover mashed potato, a few slices of bacon, a lonely onion and some sour cream loitering in the fridge... here's a great recipe for mashed potato pancakes!

Got some other ingredients in mind... then please visit our website.

Inspiremymeal - helping you make a meal of it.


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