Food Trends? Set The Trend For Good Food And Minimum Wastage With

March 10, 2017

Food styles can go in and out of trend as quickly as, if not quicker than, the fashion we wear.  We're all for setting trends at inspiremymeal, but our trends are centered on helping you to use up the ingredients you already have in the cupboard, fridge or freezer.  Surely the food your cook should be as reliable as that one trusty item of clothing that never lets you down when you're having a complete clothing crisis and the taxi is already outside?!

Our sophisticated search engine helps you to make sensible decisions about what to cook, making the best possible use of what you've already got in.  This keeps your costs down, minimises food waste but also helps you to be much more creative and avoid resorting to that ready meal.

How's this for the reliable 'little black dress' of recipes:

Here's the equivalent of those trusty boots that always seem to go with anything:

Finally, the leather jacket that just works whatever the occasion: - the reliable recipe search engine to save your evening...

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