Chicken & Leek Pie (Traditional Irish Recipe) recipe

Chicken & Leek Pie (Traditional Irish Recipe)

Chicken & Leek Pie (Traditional Irish Recipe) recipe



  1. Roll out the pastry thinly and place a layer inside an oven-proof pie dish.
  2. Place a layer of the chicken, ham, leeks and onion alongs with some nutmeg and a sprinkling of salt and pepper into the dish. Repeat the layers until the dish is full.
  3. Add the stock and roll out the remaining pastry to the required size. Place the pastry over the pie and crimp the edges down well.
  4. Make a small round hole in the center to release the hot air, big enough to pour in the cream just before serving.
  5. Glaze the pastry with a little milk, and bake at medium heat 180 degrees C (Gas Mark 4) for 30-35 minutes (covering with damp grease proof paper if pie lid begins to burn).
  6. Gently heat the cream in a pan just before removing the pie from the oven.
  7. Remove the pie and pour the cream in through the hole.

Serve with preferred vegetables. Serves 6

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