Turkey Rice Casserole recipe

Turkey Rice Casserole

Turkey Rice Casserole recipe



  1. Put the almonds in the oven and bake at 160 degrees C (Gas Mark 3) until they are golden brown (about 10 minutes).
  2. Butter a casserole dish (such as an 8-8-inch square baking pan).
  3. Put 600ml of water on to boil with 1 teaspoon salt.
  4. When it boils, add rice, cover, reduce heat and simmer about 15 minutes.
  5. Turn the heat off and let sit for 20 minutes.
  6. Melt fat in a wide frying pan over medium-high heat.
  7. Chop celery into small pieces.
  8. Add to the fat or butter along with the mushrooms.
  9. Increase heat to high and cook, stirring occasionally, until mushrooms begin to brown and all the liquid they give up has evaporated.
  10. Shake flour over frying pan and stir to blend as evenly as possible with the vegetables.
  11. Add the stock in a slow stream.
  12. The flour will seize into a tight mass but keep adding liquid and stirring; it should relax.
  13. Add the milk, tarragon, turkey, pimento olives and pepper.
  14. Until the mixture boils, then remove from heat.
  15. Lay the rice on top of the prepared casserole, sprinkle with almonds and bake 15 minutes, or until heated through.
  16. You may add cheese and/or breadcrumbs to the almond topping if desired.

Serves 5

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